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Office PDF Printer allows you to easily organize content from a variety of sources, such
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19 April 2011

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With extremely busy schedules, at times it gets difficult for you to organize your various important files. It becomes even more troubling when you have to distribute the files, as you’d require searching and attaching several files with email that takes much time. But, now you can ease your work and take up the assistance of Office PDF Printer 2.5 to deal with the hassles. The utility functions to aid you in organizing content from several sources files like documents, email, reports, spreadsheets, images, web pages, DXF, Access, etc, into a searchable PDF document. It facilitates you in easy distribution of information to your friends, teammates, employees, etc; protecting sensitive and copyright information; and improving printing process. The utility processes data without sacrificing its content, fonts, and formatting, and is capable of generating password protected PDF document.

For creating PDF file using Office PDF Printer, firstly you’ve to select and add different files into the program. After selecting the files you have to choose Print and select Royce PDF Printer for the task. Moving on, you can set the ‘Preferences’ to define the features relating page quality, graphics, font, color, security, and finishing. Making necessary changes, now confirm your print by clicking ‘Print’ option. The program would ask you to define a location for storing the resulting file, and immediately after which it would process the source files content and provide you the output PDF file. Along with this, it also supports you in performing different functions with Split & Merge, Encrypt & Decrypt, Content Extraction, Form Filling, Page Numbering, and other options imparted. It easily converts different type of files into PDF; embeds fonts effectively; generates PDF documents with text search feature; archives webpages; apply password security; restricts permissions and viewing, editing, printing, or copying PDF file; and even more.

Office PDF Printer 2.5 software aids you in performing several tasks in order to organize different files content effectively. With the reliable functioning aided by commendable option-set, the program is awarded with 4 rating points.

Publisher's description

Office PDF Printer allows you to easily organize content from a variety of sources, such as spreadsheets, documents, e-mail, images, reports, and web pages, into a single searchable PDF document for easy distribution. It helps to protect copyright and sensitive information, and improve print processes. It works with a variety of business, finance, and office software. It's the smart choice of the white-collar as an alternative to Adobe Acrobat.
Create Adobe PDF by printing from any Windows application that can print
Quickly convert Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, Access documents to PDF
Embed fonts into PDF automatically
Produce full-text searchable PDF documents
Archive web pages as Adobe PDF files
Optimize Adobe PDF output by compression
Archive web pages to PDF with all images and background
Secure PDF document with Password (128-bit RC4 encryption)
Protect PDF file with Access, Print, Modify, Annotation, Form Filling-in permissions
Restrict viewing, printing, editing, or copying of documents
Combine multiple PDF documents into one PDF File
Embed TrueType, OpenType, Type1, Windows FNT/FON, CID font with PDF document
Support CIE color space conversion and ICC profile embedding
Specify custom paper size
Accurate downsampling for images
Active hyperlink after conversion to PDF
JPEG 2000 powered image conversion engine
Totally vector-based output for conversion from DWG to PDF, and DXF to PDF
Integrated Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio document with PDF document as Attachment
Produce ultra compressed PDF document
Page Orientation with preview
PDF Resolution up to 4800 dpi
Convert JPEG, BMP, PNG, GIF, TIFF etc image formats to PDF in lossless and loss mode
Archive web pages as Adobe PDF files
Transfer document metadata information to PDF output automatically
Create CMYK and press-ready PDF
Remove hidden sensitive data that would have possibly embedded into PDF
100% compliant to the latest Adobe PDF Specification
Office PDF Printer
Office PDF Printer
Version 3.0
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